Workington tide gauge site

The tide gauge is located in a concrete building next to the dock entrance, the pressure points being located behind fender piles on the north seaward side of the dock gates. The wind speed and direction instruments are mounted at the top of the mast (instruments not shown) located next to the Tide Gauge building.
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Tide gauge location

The tide gauge consists of a pneumatic bubbler system supplying two full tide pressure points. Both pressure lines, wind speed and direction are monitored by the POL data logger.

Tide gauge location The tide gauge is levelled to the tide gauge bench mark supported by Ordnance Survey auxiliary marks.

External users

Sea level pressures and/or elevations from this site are supplied to the following authority:

  • Environment Agency, North West Region

Site history

1992 – DATARING system installed with full-tide pressure points
1997 – Wind speed and direction instruments installed
2000 – POL data logger installed

Latitude54° 39.043'N
Longitude3° 34.031'W
Grid refNX 9898 2953
Earliest data1992
Tidal levels
HAT9.27 m
LAT0.04 m
MHWS8.35 m
MHWN6.52 m
MLWN2.65 m
MLWS0.93 m
H for 2024 9.18 m
L for 2024 0.06 m
H for 2025 9.03 m
L for 2025 0.17 m
MSR7.42 m
MNR3.87 m

HAT – highest astronomical tide
LAT – lowest astronomical tide
MHWS – mean high water springs
MHWN – mean high water neaps
MLWN – mean low water neaps
MLWS – mean low water springs
H – highest for year
L – lowest for year
MSR – mean spring range
MNR – mean neap range

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