Instruments – DATARING logger

The DATARING loggerThe DATARING datalogger takes signals from DigiQuartz pressure transducers and pressure operated gauges which are connected to the tidal pressure by a bubbler system. Float operated gauges can also supply a sea level signal to the datalogger. A number of sites also feed in wind speed and wind direction data. The signals are processed to take account of water density, datum offset and calibration factors.

The data are averaged over a 15-minute period, with the centre points being on the hour, quarter past, half past and a quarter to. These readings are stored in internal memory and approximately 14 days can elapse before the data are likely to be overwritten.

The data can be accessed either locally or remotely over the telephone line, but these forms of access are only open to our engineers and the Storm Tide Forecasting Service. The data are retrieved on a weekly basis and appended onto the existing database, giving a continuous record for that site.