The tidal prediction software, Poltips, is an easy-to-use software package for producing tide tables or tidal graphs for a wide range of locations around the UK. It is available for purchase from the Marine Data Products Team.

The powerful tidal computation engine in this software is the same as that used by the UK Environment Agency to compute tidal levels, which are then used to decide when the Thames Barrier should be closed in order to protect London from extreme sea-levels. 


Tidal Analysis Software Kit (TASK) – Windows Edition

The National Oceanography Centre has developed a new Windows-based version of TASK (Tidal Analysis Software Kit), a suite of programs that includes harmonic analysis of data (for example, from tide gauges), tidal prediction, formatted tide table production, a data manipulation toolkit and the calculation of daily and monthly means. Further information is available from the Marine Data Products Team. An evaluation version of the software is also available.