Dover tide gauge site

The tide gauge is located just before the lighthouse at the end of Prince of Wales Pier, Western Dock.
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Tide gauge location

The tide gauge equipment is housed in a GRP building and consists of a pneumatic bubbler system with two full tide and mid-tide pressure points mounted on steelwork attached to the stilling well which once supported a Munro float gauge before the installation of a two bubbler.

Tide gauge location All three pressure lines are monitored by the POL data logger.

External users

There are currently no external users.

Site history

1894 – Cary Porter gauge in use
1959 – Type No. 1 Lea gauge installed 1965 – Munro gauge installed
1976 – Building being demolished due to site refurbishment
1978 – Munro gauge installed in new building
1986 – Wellhead unit installed
1986 – DATARING installed using the Munro and Wellhead unit
1996 – Wellhead unit removed from service
1996 – Temporary full tide bubbler installed prior to site refurbishment
1997 – Munro gauge removed from service
1997 – Two full tide and a mid-tide bubbler system installed
2000 – POL data logger installed

Latitude51° 6.864'N
Longitude1° 19.356'E
Grid refTR 3264 4026
Earliest data1894
Tidal levels
HAT7.27 m
LAT0.24 m
MHWS6.69 m
MHWN5.40 m
MLWN2.14 m
MLWS0.87 m
H for 2024 7.22 m
L for 2024 0.27 m
H for 2025 7.13 m
L for 2025 0.38 m
MSR5.82 m
MNR3.26 m

HAT – highest astronomical tide
LAT – lowest astronomical tide
MHWS – mean high water springs
MHWN – mean high water neaps
MLWN – mean low water neaps
MLWS – mean low water springs
H – highest for year
L – lowest for year
MSR – mean spring range
MNR – mean neap range

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