INFORMATION FOR BODC SERIES REF. NO.    41287                  
                         Sea Floor Pressure Gauge Inventory Number :   7031     
 Start Time : 09 Aug 1979 2258 GMT                  Latitude  :  55deg 40.3min N
 End Time   : 27 Sep 1979 1513 GMT                  Longitude : 010deg 49.1min W
 Nominal Cycle Interval   :  900.0 secs         Sensor Depth    :   2504.00m    
                                                Sea Floor Depth :   2504.00m    
 Positional Uncertainty   : 0.1 to 0.5 n.miles                                  
 Depth Datum              : Instantaneous                                       
 Data Category            : Offshore sea floor pressure series                  
 Instrument Type          : Tide gauge (unspecified)                            
 Instrument Mounting      : Sea floor - fixed                                   
 Originator Laboratory    : Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory, Bidston, UK      
 Originator's Identifier  : NLDP7/PDFH4                                         
 Additional information stored with the data:                                   
    Clock lost 6 seconds over 48 days 16 hours 15 minutes 6 seconds; the  cycle 
    interval and time values have been corrected.                               
    Instrument Characteristics                                                  
    Station NL                                                                  
    OSTG Mark IV, number 4   Sensors DIG 3845  (BODC Series Ref. 41299)         
                                     SG 2/D2   (BODC Series Ref. 41306)         
                                     Schvz-1   (BODC Series Ref. 41287)         
    Nominal sampling interval       225 seconds                                 
    Integration period              225 seconds                                 
    I.O.S. Data Processing of Off-Shore Pressure Recorder Data 3                
    Data processing comprises 2 stages:-                                        
    1. Instrumental drift and depth are removed, thus the drift free series  is 
       produced with an artificial mean of zero.                                
    2. Generally the pressure values have  been  obtained  by  integration  and 
       averaging  over  the  sampling  interval, followed by logging; hence the 
       time value assigned to a data cycle has been  chosen  as  the  mid-point 
       between  the  start and end time of each interval. Some pressure records 
       have been sample rate reduced from the basic time step of  the  recorder 
       to  produce  either hourly or 15 minute values, incorporating any timing 
       corrections due to clock error.                                          
 The following additional documents apply to this series:                       
  32414; I.O.S. Mk IV Pressure Recorder