INFORMATION FOR BODC SERIES REF. NO.    34309                  
                         Sea Floor Pressure Gauge Inventory Number :   6968     
 Start Time : 05 Aug 1980 0837 GMT                  Latitude  :  46deg 03.8min N
 End Time   : 09 Dec 1980 1553 GMT                  Longitude : 046deg 34.0min W
 Nominal Cycle Interval   :  900.0 secs         Sensor Depth    :    525.00m    
                                                Sea Floor Depth :    525.00m    
 Positional Uncertainty   : 0.1 to 0.5 n.miles                                  
 Depth Datum              : Mean sea level                                      
 Data Category            : Offshore sea floor pressure series                  
 Instrument Type          : Tide gauge (unspecified)                            
 Instrument Mounting      : Sea floor - fixed                                   
 Originator Laboratory    : Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory, Bidston, UK      
 Originator's Identifier  : 8016/980/218                                        
 Additional information stored with the data:                                   
    Station A1, North Atlantic.                                                 
    Clock lost 45 seconds over 139 days, 21 hours; the cycle interval and  time 
    values have been corrected.                                                 
    Instrument characteristics and calibration factors                          
           Teleost Pressure Recorder, sensor DIG 4957                           
           Original sampling interval          15 minutes                       
           Integration period                        900s                       
           Temperature coefficient           0.152Hz/degC                       
           Pressure sensitivity at 3.397degC  0.0738Hz/mb                       
           To convert pressure to elevation the following                       
           values should be used:                                               
           Density                           no CTD casts                       
           Gravitational acceleration constant  9.807m/s2                       
 The following additional documents apply to this series:                       
  27731; I.O.S. Calibration and Data Processing of Off-Shore Tide Gauge Data    
  27840; Teleost Pressure Recorder