INFORMATION FOR BODC SERIES REF. NO.    33773                  
                         Sea Floor Pressure Gauge Inventory Number :   6973     
 Start Time : 01 Nov 1974 1152 GMT                  Latitude  :  59deg 17.8min N
 End Time   : 14 Dec 1974 0737 GMT                  Longitude : 000deg 03.0min W
 Nominal Cycle Interval   :  900.0 secs         Sensor Depth    :    145.00m    
                                                Sea Floor Depth :    145.00m    
 Positional Uncertainty   : 0.1 to 0.5 n.miles                                  
 Depth Datum              : Instantaneous                                       
 Data Category            : Offshore sea floor pressure series                  
 Instrument Type          : Tide gauge (unspecified)                            
 Instrument Mounting      : Sea floor - fixed                                   
 Originator Laboratory    : Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory, Bidston, UK      
 Originator's Identifier  : 743/974/305                                         
 Additional information stored with the data:                                   
    Station E, North Sea.                                                       
    Clock lost 14 seconds over 77 days, 23 hours; the cycle interval  and  time 
    values have been corrected.                                                 
    Instrument characteristics and calibration factors                          
           OSTG Mk II, logger 04, sensor OAR 4/2                                
           Original sampling interval          15 minutes                       
           Integration period                        900s                       
           Temperature coefficient           0.148Hz/degC                       
           Pressure sensitivity at 8.0degC     0.043Hz/cm                       
           To convert pressure to elevation the following                       
           values should be used:                                               
           Density (from CTD casts)         1027.443kg/m3                       
           Gravitational acceleration constant  9.819m/s2                       
 The following additional documents apply to this series:                       
  27731; I.O.S. Calibration and Data Processing of Off-Shore Tide Gauge Data    
  27762; Off-Shore Tide Gauge Mark II